Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And then there was drywall….

Drywall brings dust.  Have mercy, so much dust.
It finds every corner and surface, and causes my eyeballs to pop out with anxiety.
But, drywall means WALLS… and we now have actual WALLS!!!

Admittedly, the room that I was most excited to see take shape with walls and paint was the ‘heart of our home.’  This area of our home is a combined space: kitchen, dining area, and family room.  We wanted this casual space to be light and airy, filled with sunshine. 


Looking from our front door into the entry and living area.


The future kitchen, my domain.  Ovens/fridge on left, hood in the center, sink on the right.  Not to be forgotten, the island in the middle. The island that my amazing hubby painstakingly measured, laid out, re-measured, and lost countless hours of sleep over…  leg space and chair width are apparently important to a man.


The view looking towards the other end.  Originally we had windows placed on either side of the fireplace.  However, it was discovered that the ridiculous television would compete with the windows for space.  The walls were reconfigured, windows removed, and only a few tears shed.  Pick your battles people.

With such a long room, we wanted to break up the monotony of the ceiling.  And this girl has dreamed of a beam & v-groove ceiling for pretty much her entire life (with the exception of ages 5-10, my hot pink/hot mess phase).


IMG_2927 copy

The ceiling goes up! 

The ceiling is painted a semi-gloss custom Dover white.  To contrast with the white ceiling and trim, we stained the patio/screen porch doors (same stain as the darker hardwood floors, yet to be put down).  The walls for this entire space will be Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (color matched in Sherwin Williams).

When we were designing our home, we knew that most of our time was/is spent in the kitchen.  We eat, gather, talk, dance, and share in that one space.  It didn’t make sense to have it separate from the rest of the house; instead, we threw out the formal dining/living rooms and created a warm great room. 
A place for family.

Just a few ideas for this space…

KitchenDesign copy

Life takes many turns, as does a blog … please excuse us, while we overshare our home building process.  This blog serves as our memory.  Its allows us to share with friends/family, and reminds us in the days ahead of where we’ve been.
Thanks for understanding and checking in on our nonsense!

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