Sunday, February 10, 2013

Building Our Home :: Progress & Framing

starr house

The last I shared, we were digging and laying our foundation.

Oh, how the house has changed!  Walls went up, windows in, roof laid… the transformation is amazing.  And the decisions = ENDLESS.  Never in my wildest, did I imagine there would be so many decisions to make.  Amen for Pinterest!!  What an incredible tool for ideas, and better communication with our builders.  I have to be honest though, its also ridiculously dangerous.  There are so many crazy beautiful inspiration rooms, I forget each of those Pinterest beauties cost money, ha!  
The truth is, I couldn't build without it, or Houzz for that matter.

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I thought for memory’s sake, I’d do a photo dump today and then come back with fun details later.  There's just so much share, really too much for one post.  I get overwhelmed myself when I look back at pictures!


DSC_0189 IMG_2101


IMG_2102 IMG_2138


IMG_2288 IMG_2191



And here we are today!  Its still missing a few windows (some are covered by house wrap), pillars, and obviously the front door… but its progress and each day is one day closer!  


Later gators.


Life takes many turns, as does a blog … please excuse us, while we overshare our home building process.  This blog serves as our memory.  Its allows us to share with friends/family, and reminds us in the days ahead of where we’ve been.

Thanks for understanding and checking in on our nonsense!

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Anonymous said...

Looking great! Thanks for sharing! Judie W. :-)

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