Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Door Knobs and Paint Under my Nails

This is one project that should have taken a day.  Weekend max.  But, as it seems to be the nature of things around here lately, I managed to stretch simple in DRAWN-OUT.  Basically, our doorknobs were brass.  Scratched, old, tired. 

image image

We opted to purchase new oil-rubbed bronze knobs for all the doors, but rather than replace the hinges we simply painted them to match.  You can read all about the paint I used and other details in this post HERE.

I drug my feet with the painting.  But after weeks, I completed all doors and we FINALLY have a finished product.


Such a simple change, but it makes a bold statement against our white interior doors.  



IMG_2144 IMG_2140

I cannot help but get excited… they are JUST doorknobs… but would you look at those knobs!!! Its makes me all giddy how well they play with the bathroom hardware and paint colors.  Perfect simple touch. 

It’s the little things people.

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