Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Simplify :: Hot Spot #4 The Pantry

The Kitchen Pantry


DSC_0678 copy

This is my pantry about 3 1/2 years ago. 
Messy and barely functioning
(cryptic, subliminal description of homeowner?  Maybe...)


DSC_0725 copy

I tackled the pantry {HERE} in this post.  What a huge relief. 
{The pantry that is, not the yellow walls.}



And here we are at our present state.
When Tsh announced Project Simplify Hot Spot #4/Pantry… I felt encouraged to reevaluate and determine if this space remains functional & efficient.

While not picture perfect, I was pleased to discover that the pantry is actually maintaining its organization.  Shock of all shocks!


The bins still work well for our needs.  Everything is within reach.
The curtain hides my large appliances: mixers, blenders, skillets, etc.


Just a few small changes.
Like the dog food bin on the left, with its easy wheels!

DSC_0210  DSC_0209

My spice rack and plastic wrap organizers make life easy. 
So handy when frequently used things are at my eye level.


The clear canisters allow me to keep stock of baking needs.
And things stay fresh, sealed tight.


A bin for the bags….


… and a shelf for tea & coffee!

My kitchen is Starr Command Center.
I spend the majority of my time in this space and I cannot begin to tell how many times a day that pantry is used.  It MUST stay organized in order for our family to function… especially with children that are now able to choose their own snacks and help prepare meals.  Everything is in its place and that takes out the guessing!

   BEFORE                                               AFTER

 DSC_0678       DSC_0213
 {Bonus: there’s a new wall color, too!}

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Happy Weekend!

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