Monday, April 4, 2011

Chair Love


Look at what finally arrived!
I have been anxiously waiting for our new dining room chairs to be delivered… 
5-6 weeks of torturous impatience.

We searched high and low for dining room chairs.  The right chair needed to be upholstered/slipcovered, wide, but able to fit under our farmhouse dining table.  We finally settled on upholstered chairs from Hooker’s Sanctuary collection.  The six side chairs are jade white (think drop cloth color/material) and the two end chairs are a French document print.  And they are beautiful.

And BIG.
We measured twice, but somehow they still seem enormous in our smallish dining area…




As you can see, there just isn’t much room to pull chairs out; let alone for guests to move past one another.  The tall secretary and wine rack in the back of the space needed to go…


Until we decide on a comfortable furniture configuration… we moved the wine rack (made by the hubs & his dad) into the adjoining sitting room, along with the two end chairs.  And the secretary will sadly find a home in the basement.

The front of our home has such a different layout, makes arranging the furniture quite the challenge.

DSC_0236 copy


I can just picture white wainscoting in this room.  Someday maybe.  
When there’s time and motivation… and I can get the hubs on board :)

To give you an idea of where we’ve been with this room… 
here are some progression shots!



Dinner party anyone?

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