Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify Hot Spot #1 :: The Closet

Linking up with Tsh, The Simple Mom, today! 
On Monday I committed to Project Simplify, gulp!  I’m attempting to organize my home and its top 5 Hot Spots.  This process is therapeutic, ridding your life of the clutter & making room for important things!  Be inspired and check out all the other Project Simplify :: Week One Afters {HERE}.

A solid week of work… my first ‘Hot Spot’ is now decluttered and ready to be revealed!  I was able to remove 2 large bags of clothing for Goodwill AND make a somewhat tiny space more functional.  The results aren’t drastic… no California Closet makeover here.  Just chic on the cheap without the clutter!



1. White walls
2. Old dresser {top drawers stick}
3. Assortment of sweatshirts shoved on top shelf

DSC_0197  DSC_0198


4. Everything in chaos, belts shoved in among clothing
5. Bare Light bulb



1. Painted back wall Halcyon Green {Sherwin Williams sample quart $5}
2. Revamped dresser


3.  Faux Leather Totes {Lowes $12} for socks; bye-bye old drawers!
4. Necklace Hooks, espresso w/ nickel {Lowes $8}


4. Organizer for bracelets, earrings, pins
5. Pop-up Tote for scarves {Lowes $5}


6. Shelves cleared! 

DSC_0205   DSC_0254

7. Light fixture
*A little trick: To save $$$, purchase a white globe light kit {Lowes $4} & replace the ugly round globe with a ‘schoolhouse’ globe {they sell them individually @ Lowes $5}.  The cost of an actual entire schoolhouse light fixture at Lowes is around $50… You saved $40!

8.  Heels/Sandals/Flats stored where they are visible!



9.  Belts in their own place! Crown hook {Hobby Lobby $5}


My favorite part?  The dresser! 
Not wiggling out the old drawers each time I need a pair of sock is priceless!

Happy Weekend friends!

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