Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Banner


Fall is here!  Fall is here!
Not exactly.  But close enough for a little seasonal craft project, yeah?

.  .  .  .  .  
The Fall Banner


I am not original.  I’ve seen countless versions of these darling banners for holidays, birthdays, parties, etc.  I always thought they looked simple and as luck would have it… they are!  You are all  smart cookies and need not my simpleton instructions.  But, just in case you have the craftiness of a billy goat, I’ll share details.

Here is what you need:

Scrap Fabric
Felt (if you prefer backing)
String, Ribbon, Cord, etc (from which to hang banner)
Hot Glue/Gun

1. Determine size (also helps to know the location the banner will be placed!)  I chose 8” across on the top of my pennants (as seen in pic above). I cut all my individual pennants out of varying fabric with the fabric fold on top.  This way they aren’t flimsy, have double layers.  Once all banners are cut out, spray with starch for firmness, and iron. 

2. Place pennants in the order you wish to hang them.    Take your string/ribbon and place under the fold of the first pennant .  I chose to hand stitch the fabric for a more rustic look (a sewing machine would certainly be faster!).  Continue this step with all the remaining pennants until they are all sewn/strung on the cord.  Set aside.
Banner Details

3. Next, I freehand drew letters on paper(word options: fall, autumn, spooky, etc).  Freehand not your thing?  Print out letters in your favorite font!  Then cut them out for a stencil/pattern.  I used wool for the letters and layered them on a lighter fabric (actually painters drop cloth!)   Choose a contrasting thread and hand stitch the letters to the fabric.  [You may choose to use Fray-Check to keep fabric from fraying; however, I pulled a few threads out for an ‘old’ look.]


4.  Determine which pennants the letters will be sewn on…. then hand stitch the letters to the pennants.


5. At this point, I used pinking shears on all the fabric for a whimsical finish and tied the cord ends!

pnking shears

6. Optional…  If you would like your banner to have more weight, you can add a layer of felt to the back.  To do this, I simply cut out a larger pennant (1/4-1/2 in. bigger).  Then I lined it up beneath the fabric pennant and hot glued it to the fabric. You’re finished!


In my head, everything made sense.  But, if I missed something, big or small, let me know!  Also, if I’m altogether confusing, shoot me an email and I’ll try to help…


Kelli said...

Beautiful and just in time! I love the fabric that you used. I'm thinking of doing a banner for Fall since I love it so much. I love the candle burning too...can't wait to buy more pumpkin candles :) Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Malinda said...

I have been wanting to make one of these. Thanks for posting instructions. It is so cute.

Sarah said...

Lol at craftiness of a billy goat! What a great banner, and it looks perfect hanging up above your bench. Thanks for the tutorial, I too have been wanting to make some kind of garland, just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the inspiration:)

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